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uwu are these gym leaders?

Priscilla - Grass
Priscilla is most often seen in the forest with her friends, pretending to be a king who rules its entirety. She always gets her way, and only accepts battles if challengers present gifts

Greyson - Ghost
In a small retirement community, Greyson hosts battles as entertainment for its residents. On the other hand, as a funeral director, some residents call him a Grim Reaper behind his back.

zoo wee mama more leaders

Jodi Joy - Dark
Jodi comes from the Joy family, but was disgraced for her inhospitality . Although a medical genius, her morbid curiosity scares the people around her.

Ravi and Raja - Flying
Ravi and Raja are siblings from an affluent family. Ravi is a proud stunt pilot and Raja is a calm skydiver. Together they perform aerial stunts for fun, but residents of their city are apparently disgruntled with their presence.
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Vulcan - Fire
Vulcan is a passionate musician, always seen playing his lyre. His boisterous personality and loud music attracts many fans, but annoys others.

Harley - Normal
As a circus contortionist, Harley makes it their mission to push the limits of shock value, often doing dangerous stunts to excite and disgust people. Challengers at their gym note that Harley has particularly confusing and frustrating battle tactics.

Hello Kage, I am Oddish Uchiha.

In the shinobi world, one strives for peace in a hopeless rat race. In this world, there is only hate. A shinobi lives to serve as a tool for war, and war begets war. As such, wishing for peace is the fantasy of a naive child who hasn't seen the world beyond their small hidden village. The 5 great nations are all the same. Fire, Wind, Water, Earth, and Lightning. They all delude themselves, preaching of peace while profiting on the spoils of war. True peace is unattainable in this current world. In the world where war is monetized, one must rid our beautiful planet of the poison that is war. In fact that duty has been delegated to yours truly.

I say this to you Hokage, Kazekage, Mizukage, Tsuchikage, and Raikage: In order to cleanse my lost beautiful planet, I shall enact my will on the world with my Project Tsuki no Me. The Akatsuki have set out to collect all Nine Tailed Beasts with the aim of restoring the Ten-Tailed Beast. I, Oddish, will become the Ten-Tails Jinchuriki and cast the ultimate genjutsu Infinite Tsukuyomi on the Moon to reflect on the planet. This genjutsu will ensnare ever person on the planet in a dream of their perfect paradise. There will be peace at last.

Respective Kage, this is your one chance to hand over the Eight-Tails and Nine-Tails Jinchuriki peacefully. Should you refuse, I will hereby declare war on you. All of you.

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